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Get the right orthotic insoles and shoes, resrore your health

TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center (TLM) specialises in treating foot, knee, back and arm pain arising from issues related to the musculoskeletal system.

Since its inception, the center has successfully helped more than 20,000 patients aged between two to 90 years old to find the right orthotic insoles and shoes.

Between 2015 to 2019, TLM has won several awards including the Business Trust Award, Golden Bull Award, Singapore Consumers’ Choice Award, Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour, Singapore Preferred Brand, Singapore Service Honouree, Singapore Industry Icon Award, and Promising SME 500 Industry Star Award 2017, and the ESQR's Quality Choice Prize 2019 in July this year.

The Ministry of Health defines an orthotist as a specialist from a multidisciplinary healthcare team who cares for those who require mechanical devices (orthoses) to support or supplement abnormal joints.

An orthotist is able to analyse X-rays and MRI results, collaborate with other specialists and design orthoses calibrated to specific patients' requirements. A good orthotist such as Ms Li Ming, President and Orthotist at TLM, has clinical experience in various medical disciplines including hand surgery, neurology, orthopaedics, sports medicine and rehabilitation.

TLM customised shoes can help to maintain our foot structures and can be purchased from the TLM website.

TLM orthotic insoles and shoes are disigned individually to help your body find its ideal balancing position, thereby greatly reducing the strains of musculoskeletal misalignment, and relieving foot, knee, hip and back pains.

Other medical conditions related to the blood circulation and the immune system, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, will also improve as the uneven pressure in the body (resulting from twisted or misaligned blood vessels and lymphatic drainage system) is eliminated.

As TLM's orthotic insoles and orthotic shoes relieve pain and correct postures, they help to boost the patient's confidence and mood, and enable him or her to perform energetically once again as well as return to their favourite sport/activity. Surgery and medications are not required as the orthotist uses a combination of braces, splints, orthotic insoles and orthotic shoes instead to treat the patient's ailments.

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