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At TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotic Center, custom-made orthotic insoles form the bedrock of treatment. These orthopaedic devices are designed to treat musculoskeletal conditions by providing cushioning for pain relief, as well as correcting and restoring the body's biomechanical alignment to its ideal state. This is achieved by channeling ground reaction force (the force exerted by the ground on a body in contact with it) to act on the feet and lower body, initiating a self-correcting process as the body responds to the force.

Each pair of orthotic insoles are individually designed and crafted specifically for their wearer by our orthotist. They are clinically proven to reduce various musculoskeletal pain and deformities when paired with the centre's orthotic shoes and prescribed exercises. 

No two individuals should be provided with the same orthotic insoles. Individual factors like the wearer's foot and overall musculoskeletal structure, gait, treatment goals, etc. have to be taken into account when designing and prescribing orthotic insoles. While off-the shelf shoe inserts may provide temporary relief for those afflicted with foot pain, they are unable to delay or reverse the progression of musculoskeletal conditions as they do not take into account individual factors.

At TLM Orthotic Center, you will receive the best orthotic care available in the region. Our orthotist with more than 20 years of experience oversees the entire process - from examination, taking of foot mould, orthotic design and manufacturing - to ensure that each and every pair of orthotic insoles from the center is most suitable for their wearer and of the highest quality.

Fig 1. Various deformities of the feet corrected as seen from foot casts of patient's foot before and after treatment.

Fig 2. Bunion and other deformities of the feet corrected as seen from foot casts of patient's foot before and after treatment.

Fig 3. Deformity of the heel corrected as seen from foot casts of patient's foot before and after treatment.

Physical Examination & Grading

Before taking up treatment with the centre, you have to be examined by our orthotist to determine the severity of your condition. You will be placed in 1 of 4 grades depending on the affected joint(s)' degree of deviation from the ideal position/alignment. 

Precise measurements govern the grading of the patient's condition. As such, our orthotist will exercise sole discretion in determining the patient's severity grade during consultation. 

Ankle Pronation
Bunion - Early Stage
Big toe - Hammertoe
Ankle Supination
Arch Tensed
Plantar Fasciitis
Knee Pain -
Early Stage
Heel Pain
Achilles Tendon Pain
Back Pain - 
Slight unevenness

Fig 4. Conditions which fall under Grade I. This list may not be exhaustive.

Ankle Pronation
Hammertoes -
Early Stage
Heel spur
Ankle Supination
Bunion - Mid Stage
Plantar Fasciitis
Genu varum
(Bow leg)
After knee surgery
Genu valgum
(Knock knee)

Fig 5. Conditions which fall under Grade II. This list may not be exhaustive.

Bunion - Late Stage
Overlapping toes
Curved foot
Ankle-foot orthosis
Genu varum
(Bow leg)
Genu valgum 
(Knock knee)
C-curve Scoliosis
Back pain - Pronounced
After hip replacement surgery

Fig 6. Conditions which fall under Grade III. This list may not be exhaustive.

Bunion w Overlapping toes - Severe
Polio (Leg of same length)
Back pain - Pronounced S-curve
Bunion w Overlapping toes - Severe
Uneven leg length
Possible for correction
After spine surgery (Internal fixation)
Bunion w Hammertoes - Severe
Genu varum - Severe
(Bow leg)
Full body structure change

Fig 7. Conditions which fall under Grade IV. This list may not be exhaustive.

Placing An Order

You may place an order with the centre following an examination by our orthotist. Usually 2-4 pairs of insoles are required for the entire treatment process. This is because each new pair of insoles is redesigned following changes to the structure of your feet and the biomechanical alignment of your body. Each redesign brings your body closer to its ideal alignment.

A 65% deposit will be collected when you place an order. Usually, your insoles will be ready for collection in 10-15 working days.* This is because most of the work is carried out manually.

* You may make alternate arrangements with our orthotist should you require your insoles urgently. Additional charges may apply.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Starting from 15 NOVEMBER 2020, the Orthotic Insoles Package is no longer being offered by the centre. Patients who have signed up for the package prior will not be affected. 

New Patient Guarantee

As we are convinced of the effectiveness of our orthotic treatments and we think you will like your orthotic shoes and insoles after trying them on, we offer all new patients a new patient guarantee.

When collecting your first pair of orthotic shoes and insoles, you would be able to test/walk in them for approximately 1-2 hours. Should you find them unable to provide relief for your condition or otherwise unsatisfactory, you may choose to:


1. Return another day to try them again.

2. Request for alterations to be made to the shoes at no additional cost.

3. Request for a full-refund of the deposit.*

* You may still request for a refund of your deposit should you decide to try your orthotic shoes and insoles a second time. However, if you decide to bring the product(s) home, it will be assumed to be satisfactory, and the option for refund will be withdrawn.

Discounts & Additional Charges

Pioneer Generation Card holders are entitled to 3% discount off total bill.

Merdeka Generation Card holders are entitled to 2% discount off total bill.

Blue CHAS Card holders are entitled to 3% discount off total bill.

Orange CHAS Card holders are entitled to 2% discount off total bill.

Children below the age of 10 are entitled to 2% discount off total bill.

Children between the age of 11 and 14 have to pay an additional fee of 2% of total bill because they are undergoing growth spurt.

Other Legal Clauses

No refunds will be given in any circumstances once the patient is satisfied with his/her orthotic footwear and insoles. A product(s) is deemed satisfactory once the patient decides to wear/bring them home.

If a patient has reservations about the footwear and insoles he/she receives, he/she may arrange to try them on at the centre until he/she is satisfied with the product(s) in question.

In the event of an accident that prevents you from continuing with treatment for example, a motor accident that results in disability, permanent or otherwise, or death no refunds will be given.

Our orthotist reserves the right to terminate treatment unilaterally if it is found that the patient is not making meaningful progress towards recovery because he/she is not following the instructions of our orthotist.

For example, if patient does not wear his/her orthotic footwear and insoles regularly — the frequency and duration agreed upon by the patient and our orthotist during collection — and his/her condition deteriorates, our orthotist can terminate the treatment early and refuse to see the patient except as a new patient. 

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