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Treatment Results

Below are actual treatment results of patients with different musculoskeletal conditions. Please contact us directly for any inquiries.

*All images are used with our patients’ consents. Patients’ names are shortened for privacy protection purposes.

Feet Result

Feet Treatment Result



Patient 1

This is the treatment result of Mr Tan, who suffered from bunion for many years. The left X-Ray represented his condition in 2016, showing a bony bump formed on the joint at the base of his big toe. He recovered from this condition after 4 years of treatments by wearing 6 pairs of insoles and 3 pairs of shoes. The right X-Ray was taken in 2021, showing the disappearance of the bony bump.


X-Ray caption: X-Rays taken before (left) and after (right) treatment. Foot structure improved tremendously and became more aligned.

Bunion Before 2_1-2.jpg

MAY 2023

Bunion After 2_1-2.jpg

JULY 2023

Patient 2

This is the treatment result of Mdm Neo, who has bunion on both feet. The left photo represented her condition taken in May 2023, showing bony bumps at the base of her big toes. She is undergoing treatment and her condition improved after wearing orthotic insoles and bunion shoes for 2 months. The right photo was taken in July 2023, showing the disappearance of bunion on her right foot and a smaller bump on the left foot.

This is a common condition faced by many people, both young and old. The deformity could worsen and affect the structure of other parts of the foot if left untreated at early stages. With proper treatment and guidance, we can help patients improve and recover from the deformity. Click here to read more information about Bunion.

High Arch & Slipped Disc 

Mdm D. suffered from high arch and slipped disc, which caused numbness in her leg, and was admitted to hospital for back pain before reaching out to us. The pair of foot molds in the center reflected her foot conditions, showing curved feet with high arch. After wearing 2 pairs of insoles, her feet become straighter (as shown by two foot molds on the left), back pain and numbness improved significantly.





Varicose Veins

This shows the varicose vein treatment result of Mr Wong, who is 84 years old. The left represented his condition in 2022, showing swollen and bulging veins on the leg and ankle. The middle  shows improvement during treatment. Varicose veins on his legs disappeared, only visible on the ankle. The right shows recovery of  this condition in 2023, after almost one year of treatment by wearing 4 pairs of orthotics insoles and 3 pairs of orthotic shoes.

Photos taken before treatment (left), in the midst of treatment (middle) and after treatment (right).

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