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Treatment Process

6 Simple Steps

  1. Physical Examination & Consultation

  2. Collection & Training

  3. First Follow-Up

  4. Prescription of New Shoes & Insoles

  5. Subsequent Follow-Ups

  6. End of Treatment

It is important to understand that musculoskeletal conditions develop over a long period of time. Therefore, reversing the problem will take some time as well because treatment has to proceed in phases. Rest assured that you will see positive effects as long as you follow the instructions of our orthotist.

Process 1 & 2

1. Physical Examination & Consultation

During your first visit to the centre, our orthotist will perform a physical examination and a gait analysis — an analysis of how you walk  to diagnose your condition. 

While a physical examination & gait analysis will suffice usually, our orthotist may require you to take an x-ray in certain cases. Please bring along any x-rays that you have taken previously. 

Consultation usually require 30 mins to 1 hour. Consultation fee is from $100 onwards.

Should you decide to take up treatment after the consultation, our orthotist will collect several molds of your feet to use when making your orthotic shoes and insoles.

Please arrange an appointment with us before coming down to the centre. Consultation and mold-taking usually requires 2 hour. Please make arrangements accordingly if you do not wish to make 2 separate trips to the centre.


2. Collection & Training

You can collect your orthotic shoes and insoles approximately 3 to 4 weeks after placing an order. When you arrive at the centre for collection, our orthotist will correct any poor walking habits that you may have as well as go through several exercises that you can perform to speed up recovery.

It is crucial you be patient at this early stage of treatment. Please refrain from wearing your shoes and insoles for more than 1 hour at a time during the 1st and 2nd week. If pain develops, stop wearing them for a few days until you recover. If pain persists, contact the centre.

Process 3
Process 4

3. First Follow-Up

3 weeks after collecting your orthotic shoes and insoles, come back to the centre to let our orthotist examine how your body is responding to the treatment. Our orthotist will make adjustments to your shoes and insoles if necessary. Afterwards, you have to visit the centre for monthly follow-up sessions. 


6. End of Treatment

Our orthotist will inform you when treatment has ended. Your foot molds show how the structure of your feet has been progressively corrected to an ideal state.

Moving forward, simply continue wearing your orthotic shoes and insoles to prevent the problem from coming back. 

4. Prescription of New Shoes & Insoles

Our orthotist will monitor the changes of your foot structure  during follow-up sessions. New orthotic shoes** and insoles* will be prescribed when the structure of your feet has changed to an extent that your existing pair of shoes/insoles are no longer beneficial for your condition. 

* Subsequent pairs of insoles are prescribed at no addition charges if you chose the full treatment package. Charges applies otherwise.

** Charges applies each time you order a new pair of shoes or to have your existing pair of shoes reshaped or repaired. 


Fig. Our orthotist will examine the patient's insole with the patient to demonstrate that treatment has ended.

Foot mold - no text-01.jpg

5. Subsequent Follow-Up

Once you have collected your second pair of orthotic shoes and insoles, you only have to come back for follow-up once every three months. 

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