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TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center has been awarded the Quality Choice Prize 2019 in the Gold Category by European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) on 7 July 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

The European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) is a well-known third-party institution in Switzerland that promotes quality awareness, recognizes good business practices, technological innovation, quality achievements in organizations worldwide, and publicizes these organizations’ successful performance strategies.

Past winners of the prestigious ESQR Award include BMW Group (Germany), Air Canada (Canada), Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong), United Airlines Inc. (the USA) and Phillips (the Netherlands) etc.

​For more information on ESQR, please visit

TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center has been recognised as a recipient of the Business Trust 2019 Award.


This award is received by companies for demonstrating exemplary business practices and a commitment to trade fairly and being honest to consumers and business partners.

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TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center is honoured to be a recipient of the Golden Bull Award 2018.

Since 2003, the Golden Bull Award have served as the penultimate award for successful businesses: a crowning glory for years of growth and building innate strength.

The award aims to serve as an effective platform to benchmark successful businesses, inspiring more businesses, both SMEs and corporates, to strive for greater excellence. The award also promotes the growth of businesses and their

contribution to economic prosperity by paying tribute to the efforts of businesses for all their hard-won achievements.

TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center is honoured to be a recipient of the Promising SME 500 2015 to 2017.


TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center is the first orthotics center in Singapore.  Our orthotist is responsible for the prescription, manufacture and management of orthoses and has treated more than 20,000 patients in the past 20 years with no complaints. 

The Promising SME 500 Campaign was spearheaded to recognize the exceptional achievements of business men and women in Singapore, highlighting their commercial success and also recognizing their contributions to the economy and the community at large. This campaign also serves as a platform to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to likewise pursue their dreams and ultimately to creat a sustainable entrepreneurial culture in our nation.

The Promising SME 500 Campaign is supported by the Small Medium Business Association (SMBA), a business association founded to build and nurture the next generation of business leaders in Singapore whilst promoting business excellence among established local SMEs.


We would like to share this honour with all at TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center and most importantly, our valued customers.


TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center is honoured to be a winner of the Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour 2016.


The 2016 Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour  is issued by Singapore Enterprise Association to top 100 companies or entrepreneurs who are trustworthy, reliable and outstanding. This is one of the most prestigious enterprise recognition ceremony in Singapore. 


TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center will continue to strive to provide reliable and quality services and products.

TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center is honoured to be a recipient of the Singapore Consumers' Choice Award 2017.


This award is a prestigious product recognition award that focuses on direct consumers. 

This award aims to identify consumers favourite, to promote the awarded merchant's branding and to celebrate the awarded merchant's achievement for the past year.

The Singapore Service Honouree Award is given in recognition of superior performance in service excellence.

The Singapore Preferred Brand Award is given in recognition of commendable performance in brand excellence.

The Singapore Industry Icon Award is given in recognition of exceptional performance in business excellence.