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The Straits Times: The Doctor Is In

Proper foot care through orthotic insoles

Incorporated in 1997, TLM Foot-Knee-Back-Arm Orthotics Center specialises in the prescription, manufacture and management of orthoses. They are the first orthotics centre in Singapore to use an insole concept to cure foot, knee, and back pain that arises from musculoskeletal system conditions.


The centre is founded by Ms Li Ming, whose passion for helping people led her to explore the therapeutic possibilities of braces. The centre is a recipient of the Promising SME 500 2015 award.


Here are three things you need to know about TLM orthotic insoles.


1. Most foot ailments are caused by exercising or standing.


Ailments such as bunion, heel spur, archilles tendon pain, knee osteoarthritis and slipped disc are caused by uneven pressure exerted onto the foot, knee, back joints and muscles during exercising or standing.


TLM orthotic technologies can correct these problems, allowing pain area to recover through self-healing when walking or exercising.


2. Adolescent scoliosis can be prevented and cured.


Ms Li said that scoliosis discovered in adolescents is the result of a self-regulating body caused by unbalanced feet, knees and pelvis when in the standing position.


TLM orthotic technologies aims to prevent and cure scoliosis by adjusting the body back to the correct biomechanical alignment.


3. Seek treatment early.


Adults should promptly consult an experienced orthotic doctor for proper treatment when experiencing soreness, swelling and pain in the foot, knee and back.


“Clinically, we found that most foot, knee and back pain were problems developed during childhood or adolescence period. Thus, correction should start from young,” said Ms Li.






The Straits Times - 25 November 2015 

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